How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Interesting

Sunday, April 09, 2017 Posted by indrascott

‘Facebook Timeline’ is no longer a new concept. We all Facebook users have been using this chronological way of representing our profiles since early 2012. However, if you had just overlooked this amazing concept and want to rediscover it, this post is worth a read.

Choose a Unique Cover Photo

Needless to say, your cover photo does let your friends and followers know about you, your work, and probably your lifestyle. Just like the cover image describes the book, your cover photo does the same for you. So choose a unique one.

Scroll Back Easily

Going back in time and seeing your past posts was tedious when you were using the old style. But with the new timeline we could get a slider at the top right of the timeline which made it easy to scroll back through the years and revisit the past events.

Catch Up on the Moments

We all have fond memories to remember in life. With this new timeline you are now free from the worry to remember all the important moments. All you need to do is write about the good moments along with their dates once and Facebook timeline will remember them for the life.

Maximize Photos

You can now highlight your important photos by clicking the star icon in the top-right corner of every post on your timeline. The photo will then appear to be twice its original size.

Include Apps

If you are interested in telling people what else you care about in your life, let the Apps do it for you. If you want to pin your tastes, add the Pinterest App on your timeline. If you love reading books, adding the ‘Googreads’ on your timeline would help you tell your friends the books you read. Aside from this, some other useful Apps are out there, discover them.

How to Choose the Best Photos for Facebook

Monday, April 03, 2017 Posted by indrascott

Facebook is no doubt a great photo sharing platform. But before sharing or uploading a photo we must not forget what we are sharing and why we are sharing it. That means we must understand the purpose and message on sharing the photo. If we could do this, they would be our best photos on Facebook. Here’s what you (or any Facebook user) should do to make your Facebook photos the best.

Create Separate Albums

While adding/uploading any photo Facebook asks us to make an album. After choosing the ‘Create Photo Album’ option on your homepage you will be prompted by your cursor to caption the title atop. The title is the album’s name and the texts in it suggest the story of the album. For instance, if you create an album named as ‘Nightlife at My Office’, you’ve got to add photos telling everything going on in your office in the night hours, not just few pictures including you and your computer.

Take Larger Photos

The problem of pixellation holds true for every image when it’s enlarged. But no harm is done to images if they are contracted. So better take larger photos with high resolution and upload them on your Facebook album. This ensures a smooth photo viewing experience for your friends.

Portray Good

If you want to display your dog, take closer photographs depicting its unusual activities or so. This does not mean to hand it a glass of beer and capture the photo. Well, this could go funny in some cases, but not always. Understand that taking funny clips and spreading them online is the job of certain specific websites so let them do their work. Do not waste your efforts in unnecessary camera work. Just a little thinking before you go on to portray somebody or something would be ideal.

Bad Social Media Advice

If you're new to social media then you've probably spent some time researching it. If you're like a lot of people, you don't want to look like a newbie so you look for advice that can help you get off on the right foot. While this is a great idea, you do have to be careful what advice you follow. There's a lot of people out there giving advice and not all of them really know what they are talking about.
Not all the information you'll find will be good. In fact, you may find a lot of bad advice about social media that can cause problems if you follow it. You need to look for advice from reputable sources but it can be difficult to know which advice is good and which is bad when there is so much of it available. To help you get started, here's some bad social media advice that you may run across that you would probably be better off ignoring.

Bad social media advice to ignore:

Send out Auto DM (Direct Messages) to your followers

While this may seem like a good idea, it's really not. Social media was created as a way to bring people closer together. It's a way for you to communicate with old friends, make new ones and create an online presence that will benefit your company. If you're sending out auto DMs you're not actually communicating and it's no different from sending out an email. These tools are meant to be personal and sending out an automatic message is very impersonal. In addition, they are often considered spam and no one want to be labeled as a spammer.

Pass the responsibility of handling social media to the trainees

While this may sound like you're delegating the workload, it's really bad advice. Social media is a great way to advertise your products and get many people that may not even know you exist interested in what you have to offer. However, it needs to be used correctly and someone with no experience in social media and with little knowledge of your company will probably not get good responses. In fact, it could hurt your company if the information being communicated is not correct. This form of communication is too important to leave to a trainee.

Don't get personal

Some of the worst advice concerning social media that you'll get is to not get personal. While you must use discretion, adding a personal touch helps you connect and form relationships with others. That's what social media is all about. It's about connecting- not about broadcasting. So don't be afraid to get a little personal now and then.

Incorporate your blog post automatically

Social media is a way to interact and socialize with others. When you automatically link to blogs, your post becomes very impersonal and that is defeating the whole purpose of using a social media site. Instead, find ways to link your blog post into normal conversations or just don't link at all. It's better to build a solid reputation first and be the type of person others want to follow on other medias, including your blog.

You can find a lot of good advice that will help you succeed in social media but don't listen to everything you hear. There are many people who don't have a clear understanding of how this form of media works and while they may mean well, they pass along some bad advice that can do more harm than good. Choose your sources wisely and you will find more success with your social media efforts.

Gratis Auto Follower Instagram

Sunday, December 04, 2016 Posted by indrascott

Sekarang ini Instagram merupakan Powerfull Social Media buat Martketing, banyak kita jumpai orang-orang yang menggunakan Instagram untuk lapak berjualan dengan memposting foto dari barang-barang yang mereka jual. Dan bagi yang mempunyai follower banyak mereka bisa di endors untuk mempromosikan suatu produk dan memdapatkan fee dari endors tersebut

Yang jadi permasalahan sekarang bagi yang baru memulai Marketing lewat Instagram adalah bagaimana mendapatkan banyak Follower secara cepat dan gratis. Sebenarnya banyak software berbayar yang bisa digunakan untuk mendapatkan banyak follower seperti : Massplanner, Follow Liker ataupun Instagress. Tetapi yang saya bahas disini adalah Cara Mendapatkan Follower Instagram Gratis

Untuk mendapatkan Follower Instagram Gratis secara mudah silahkan Klik gambar dibawah ini dan ikuti langkah-langkah di dalamnya